Go Green

Go Green

A recyclign BWP truck with wood waste in it

Don’t waste your leftovers – we recycle and reuse pallets

Recycling for the future is our motto. You don’t want loads of pallets hanging around that you don’t need. Rather than wasting them, get in touch with BWP. We’ll collect them for you and depending on the quality will either recycle or reuse the pallets. We 100% recycle everything - waste wood and pallets. If they are repairable we put them back into the system.

Another option is for you to deliver them to us, just off the J22 of the M5 in Highbridge, Somerset. Prices are always competitive but it depends on the value of the consignment, please contact us for more details.
Wood chips that can be reused with a green recycling logo in the corner

Environmentally friendly wooden packaging

We are focused on being an environmentally friendly company. As members of the Forestry Commission and TIMCON (Timber Packaging and Pallet Confederation) you can rely on us to be green and deliver a high quality service.

Wooden packaging brings the benefits of low cost and being environmentally friendly. We have a Waste Carriers Licence so are fully licensed to transport and recycle waste.
We recycle pallets and reuse pallets where possible, call us for more details
01278 444 039
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