Heat Treated Pallets

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Why have your wood heat treated?

Heat treated pallets are needed when you’re exporting to certain parts of the world. This is because pests and diseases can be carried on plants, trees, seeds and wood, including packaging.

Obviously importing countries don’t want them coming into their country. International standards for a phytosanitary measure, ISPM 15 guidelines, must be met for regulating wood packaging in international trade. This is what heat treated wood is.

We offer a nationwide delivery service across the South West and the rest of the UK from our base in Highbridge, Somerset.
A heat treated certificate

Heat treated certificates

At BWP we provide heat treated wood packaging to ISPM 15 standards and certificates for your peace of mind. You can rely on the wood meeting regulations as we have invested in our own kiln. With our on-site kiln this enables us to also kiln dry pallets to bring the moisture content down to a minimum.
If you need heated treated wood, call us
01278 444 039
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