UK Pallets

UK Pallets

A UK sized wooden pallet with a blue and white background

What type of pallets do you need?

The reconditioned UK pallets we have are Grade A and B, clean effect or weathered. We have an extensive range of UK standard sized pallets available for use nationwide. The size of all pallets is 1200 x1000mm and we cater for all businesses. Check out what we have available below and contact us to place an order.

We offer a nationwide delivery service across the South West and the rest of the UK from our base in Highbridge, Somerset.

Grade A UK Pallets

Suitable for the food industry and packaging industry where clean pallets are required. It weighs approx 18kgs and has a capacity of about 1000kgs.

Long Board Pallets

Suitable for packaging and manufacturing industries. Approx weight is 15kgs with approx capacity of 1000kgs.

Heavy Duty Pallets

The heavyweight set up pallet weighs approximately 25kgs a but can cope with about 1000kgs.

Winged Pallets

For use in a variety of industries, the winged pallet is only 17kgs, approx, but has a capacity of 750 - 1000kgs.

Strapper Pallet

UK lightweight strapper pallets are used in the packaging industry. Approx weight of 11kgs and approx capacity of 500kgs.

Perimeter Base Pallets

Lightweight and medium weight perimeter base pallets for use in the packaging industry. The lightweight perimeter base pallet weighs approx 18kgs with an approx capacity of 750kgs.

VMF Pallet

A heavy duty wing pallet, approx weight of 21kgs with approx capacity of 1000kgs.

Lightweight Pallet

The lightweight 3 legger pallet is used in packaging and retail. Approx pallet weight of 16kgs with approx capacity of 500kgs.

Fully Reversible Pallet

Used in the building industry, the 2 way entry pallet is fully reversible. Approx pallet weight of 18kgs with approx capacity of 1000kgs.

Grade A & B Short Board

The Grade B short boarded pallet has a capacity of around 1000kgs and weighs around 20kgs. We also have Grade A short board pallets available.

American 2 Way Pallets

The American 2 way pallet has a capacity of approximately 1000kgs with an approx weight of 20kgs.

Chemical Pallets

Ideal for the chemical industry with a capacity of about 1000kgs and weighs about 20kgs.
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